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PartitionFitnessFunction - Class in fitnessfunctions
PartitionFitnessfunction is a class responsible for calculating and aggregating the total cost function associated with a certain ranking.
PartitionFitnessFunction(ArrayList<LoggerOrPenaltyDefinition>, NetworkFileBackedWrapper, PredictionModifierOpt) - Constructor for class fitnessfunctions.PartitionFitnessFunction
Constructs a PartitionFitnessFunction with an associated network, modifier and associated penalties.
penalties - package penalties
A group of classes that represent penalty functions/cost functions
penalties.defined - package penalties.defined
A group of classes that implement a penalty
PenaltiesLogger - Class in loggers.defined
PenaltiesLogger is a logger which keeps track of all registered penalties during single re-rankings.
PenaltiesLogger(int, String, File) - Constructor for class loggers.defined.PenaltiesLogger
Constructs a Penalitieslogger, calls constructor of logger abstract class
PenaltyFunction - Interface in penalties
PenaltyFunction is an interface for all penalties, but ranking based as subnetwork based.
PenaltyPair - Class in fitnessfunctions
PenaltyPair is a small helper class representing a penaltyname-currentfitness pair.
PenaltyPair(String, double) - Constructor for class fitnessfunctions.PenaltyPair
Constructs a PenaltyPair with the given name and score
PredictionConfidencePenalty - Class in penalties.defined
PredictionConfidencePenalty penalty implements the cost function diverging from the original ranking.
PredictionConfidencePenalty(Object) - Constructor for class penalties.defined.PredictionConfidencePenalty
Constructs a new PredictionConfidencePenalty, the arguments are specified as an String[] passed as an object for classloading.
PredictionModifierOpt - Class in network.modifiers
PredictionModifierOpt implement the NetworkModifier interface.
PredictionModifierOpt(NetworkFileBackedWrapper, int, int) - Constructor for class network.modifiers.PredictionModifierOpt
Constructs a new PredictionModifierOpt
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