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nett(String[]) - Method in class main.Netter
Starts an optimization procedure with the given parameters
Netter - Class in main
Netter is the main class.
Netter() - Constructor for class main.Netter
Default and only constructor.
network - package network
A group of classes responsible for representing the network datastructure or which perform modifying operations on networks.
Network - Class in network
Network is an essential class in Netter.
Network() - Constructor for class network.Network
Construct an empty network and inits the members
Network(Network) - Constructor for class network.Network
Copy constructor, will return a copy of the network with new objects
Network(String, int) - Constructor for class network.Network
Creates a network by reading a certain amount of lines from a tsv file. - package
A group of classes responsible for representing a link in a network. - package
A group of classes used to compare links to each other.
network.modifiers - package network.modifiers
A group of classes that performs modifying operations on networks.
network.node - package network.node
A group of classes represent nodes/vertices in the network
network.postprocessing - package network.postprocessing
A group of classes that performs final operations on network structures such as merging, sorting and collecting results.
networkClear() - Method in class network.NetworkFileBackedWrapper
This method should be called when the ranking file is no longer needed.
networkClear() - Method in class network.NetworkPartition
This method should be called when the network partition is no longer needed.
NetworkFileBackedWrapper - Class in network
NetworkFileBackedWrapper represents the target of the re-ranking of Netter.
NetworkFileBackedWrapper(String, int, int, double, boolean) - Constructor for class network.NetworkFileBackedWrapper
Constructs a new NetworkFileBackedWrapper with the given parameters
NetworkFileBackedWrapper(NetworkFileBackedWrapper) - Constructor for class network.NetworkFileBackedWrapper
Copy constructor of a NetworkFileBackedWrapper.
NetworkModifier - Interface in network.modifiers
NetworkNameGenerator - Class in network
NetworkNameGenerator is responsible for giving unique names to networks and as such keeps track of all network names currently registered.
NetworkPartition - Class in network
NetworkPartition represents a ranking split into different network partitions of increasing size.
NetworkPartition(Network, int, int, double) - Constructor for class network.NetworkPartition
Constructs a new NetworkPartition object from a given ranking/original network, but first selecting the top of the ranking (defined by cutoff) and dividing it in X (defined by chuncks) parts of increasing size.
NetworkSA - Class in schedulers
NetworkSA represents a single re-ranking in Netter.
NetworkSA(double, double, double, NetworkModifier, PartitionFitnessFunction, boolean, long, ArrayList<ManualLogger>, NetworkFileBackedWrapper, EnsembleSA) - Constructor for class schedulers.NetworkSA
Constructs a new optimization procedure with following temperature settings, network, modifier, logger and fitnessfunction
NetworkSA.LastAction - Enum in schedulers
Possible outcomes of the last mutation
networkToTSV(File) - Method in class network.Network
Writes this network to a tsv file in the following format.
networkToTSVfinal() - Method in class network.NetworkFileBackedWrapper
Writes the current ranking to the outputFileName.
Node - Class in network.node
Node is the class representing a vertex or node in the graph/network.
NodeCollection - Class in network.node
NodeCollection is responsible for keeping a collection of all existing nodes in the program and for providing the correct reference to a name, identified by its name.
NodeCollection() - Constructor for class network.node.NodeCollection
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