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AcceptanceLogger - Class in loggers.defined
Acceptance is a logger which keeps track of the success of the changes to the network in a single re-ranking.
AcceptanceLogger(int, String, File, int, boolean, double, double, int) - Constructor for class loggers.defined.AcceptanceLogger
Constructs a new Acceptancelogger with given parameters.
addIncomingLink(Network, Node) - Method in class network.node.Node
Adds an incoming link to this node coming from another node a.
addLinkToNetwork(Link) - Method in class network.Network
Adds a link to the network permanently, returns false if links already exists or if it is a self-regulating link
addNode(Node) - Static method in class network.node.NodeCollection
Adds a new node to the collection.
addNonCommitalLinkToNetwork(Link) - Method in class network.Network
Adds a temporary link to the network
addOutGoingLink(Network, Node) - Method in class network.node.Node
Adds an outgoing link to this node coming from another node a.
addResult(NetworkFileBackedWrapper) - Method in class network.postprocessing.RerankingResult
Add's a result of a individual re-ranking to the ensemble.
advice(EnsembleSA) - Method in class loggers.defined.AcceptanceLogger
Overrides and defines the advice function for an Acceptance logger.
advice(EnsembleSA) - Method in class loggers.defined.PenaltiesLogger
PenaltiesLogger does not give feedback to Netter to guide the re-ranking process
advice(EnsembleSA) - Method in class loggers.ManualLogger
Abstract method that allows the logger to intervene in the optimization process and perform actions when its advice is requested
alterAndRecalculateTemperatureSettings(double) - Method in class wrappers.EnsembleSA
Method that changes the temperature settings
AntiDominatePenalty - Class in penalties.defined
Anti-Dominate penalty implements the cost function penalizing rankings which focus too much on 1 part of the network.
AntiDominatePenalty(Object) - Constructor for class penalties.defined.AntiDominatePenalty
Constructs a new AntiDominatePenalty, the arguments are specified as an String[] passed as an object for classloading.
approved() - Method in class schedulers.NetworkSA
Indicates the ensemble procedure accepted a chance in the temperature parameters and is now asking for feedback
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