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main - package main
Executable versions of Netters and a class responsible for dynamic loading.
main(String[]) - Static method in class main.Netter
Main method.
makeCopy(String) - Method in class loggers.defined.AcceptanceLogger
Copy constructor, creates and returns a new AcceptanceLogger in the form of a ManuaLogger, with the same settings as the argument but a different logfile.
makeCopy(String) - Method in class loggers.defined.PenaltiesLogger
Overrides and creates a copy constructor for a PenaltiesLogger
makeCopy(String) - Method in class loggers.ManualLogger
Copy constructor for this logger, with a new output filename
ManualLogger - Class in loggers
ManualLogger is an abstract class implementing all common methods required for the logging system.
ManualLogger(int, String, File) - Constructor for class loggers.ManualLogger
Constructs a new Manuallogger (abstract class, cannot be called directly)
modify() - Method in class fitnessfunctions.PartitionFitnessFunction
Gets the list of modifications made to the ranking and translates them into subnetwork changes.
modify() - Method in interface network.modifiers.NetworkModifier
Mutation operation
modify() - Method in class network.modifiers.PredictionModifierOpt
Implements the modify action of the interface.
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