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    QDB (Query Driven Biclustering) is a Bayesian query-driven biclustering framework for microarray data in which the prior distributions allow introducing knowledge from a set of seed genes (query) to guide the pattern search. The algorithm has been described and validated in the following paper:
    Dhollander T, Sheng Q, Lemmens K, De Moor B, Marchal K, Moreau Y Query-driven module discovery in microarray data Bioinformatics , 23(19):2573-80. (2007).

    Supplementary information

    Supplementary information can be found here:
    Supplementary file 1
    Supplementary file 2


    The software for query-driven biclustering (QDB) is freely available for ACADEMIC USE ONLY under the license. To download the software, registration is required. For commercial usage, please contact us. The software for query-driven biclustering (QDB) was implemented in R (version 2.4.1). The code consists of a collections of R-scripts. To successfully run the software perform the following steps:

    1. Extract the files to a folder called 'QDB_v1.1'.
    2. Set the R working directory to the folder QDB_v1.1: setwd("/home/usr/QDB_v1.1/")
    3. The QDB-software is called through the script 'qdb_main_CM.R'. You need to modify this script to set the desired parameter settings, to load the expression data, specify the seedgenes and to define the outputfiles for query-driven biclustering.
    4. After modifying the main-file according to your desired settings you can run the main-file in R, this will start the QDB-algorithm: source("/main files/qdb_main_CM.R")


    Please cite the following paper when using this software:
    Dhollander,T. et al. (2007) Query-driven module discovery in microarray data. Bioinformatics, 23, 2573-2580.



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