Getting Started

Preliminary Thoughts

Browser Compatibility

IAMBEE web server was build using NodeJs/Socket.IO for real-time data transfer and analysis, for this we suggest to use a modern HTML5 capable browser. This site was tested in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Keep in mind that depending of the data complexity, build the network can take several minutes. We strongly suggest to not close the browser window. In case of really complex data and long time of processing we recommend to download and use our offline version clicking here .
About Emailing the Results

The full IAMBEE result folder can be emailed to you, this folder contains all the networks for each cost calculated. It can help to run the program with more constrained cost values. However, to email the results we need to compress the folder in Zip format.

We suggest to use an email provider different to Gmail due to its security policies. Yahoo and Outlook were tested with positive results. Remember that the results will appear in the spam folder.


IAMBEE exploits the information gained from the trajectory of individual mutations along evolution experiments. In order to reduce the complexity of identifying adaptive pathways/genes.

Running IAMBEE

To start a job it is required to enter a job name and description. This will create a user-only space in our servers, this to protect your data.

Inside the Runner page, example files are provided to run an analysis. By pressing the Load example Data button the sample data-sets are loaded. Hold on to your sit, press the submit job button, and let IAMBEE do the job.

To know more about the example data you can follow our documentation clicking here